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Åpningsdato: March 31st 2014 (today!)
By: Oslo

CrossFit Yggdrasil is being opened out of true love for the sport, and an intense desire to create a tight-knit community of Crossfitters who support each other and push each other to excel. Our main focus is on fostering a small-box feeling, where everyone knows each other’s names, and we follow the true CrossFit model of combining effective training with close attention to proper nutrition.
The idea of starting CrossFit Yggdrasil began in September 2012 when coaches Hamish and Quinn began discussing the possibility of starting their own box with small class sizes, focus on technique, and rigorous attention to overall performance. A year later our business manager, Marianne, came onboard, and momentum really picked up in putting the pieces in place towards opening. We now aim to officially open our doors at the beginning of April, 2014!
The name Yggdrasil came out of our desire to honor our Norse roots. Known as the Tree of Life, the connection between heaven, earth, and the underworld, and the meeting place of the gods, the name Yggdrasil provides the sort of positive atmosphere that we intend to create.
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Hvem kan trene her?
Anyone and everyone.
CrossFit is a fully functional sport aimed at maximizing the fitness of the people that participate in it. Unfortunately, at times the popular media, or a few people who do not know the true nature of the sport, have made CrossFit seem like it is crazy or dangerous, and only for the elite. This assessment could not be farther from the truth! CrossFit Yggdrasil’s trainers begin with teaching each participant the foundational movements, focusing on mechanics first, and then getting each person moving consistently in the movements before implementing intensity into the workouts. Any movement in CrossFit, no matter how technical or heavy, can be scaled to anyone’s needs. Meaning I would love to see my grandma, who is 94, come in and join a class.
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Telefon: Quinn: 98612423 / Hamish: 92621937
Adresse: Bergensgata 43, 0406, Oslo, Norway
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Om Christer

Christer Idland er utdannet Siviningeniør ved NTNU i Trondheim og har drevet med CrossFit siden sommeren 2008. Konkurranseinnstinktet har alltid vært på plass, og Christer har blitt beste nordmann i CrossFit Open (Sectionals) og Regionals både i 2010, 2011, 2012 og 2013. Les mer om Christers satsning her..

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  1. Hei, jeg lurer på om jeg kan komme innom på prøvetime? Vurderer å starte på nybegynner kurset i juli mnd!

    Kan kontaktes på tlf. 92296968.

    Med vennlig hilsen
    Vlora Buzhala

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